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    Dreadspire / Phantom Tower / 20-ти этажная башня


    1st-15th Challenge

    • 5-player instance for level 65
    • Entrance: Tempest Reach in Westonia
    • Normal to very high difficulty
    • 15 challenges with 3 treasure chests
    • 1 entry per character | 2 for TERA Club members
    • When all group members are dead, the challenge is lost.


    The battles in the Dreadspire are divided into numerous boss challenges, between which there are also other challenges with treasure chests and buffs for the entire group.

    Each boss challenge is initiated by destroying the Phantom Crystal in the middle of the room, and finishes once the enemy has been defeated or the phases successfully completed. The players will then be teleported automatically to the next room.

    Loot challenges are likewise initiated by destroying the Imperfect Nodules and finish once the time runs out or 50 points have been collected. Depending on how many points you've earned you'll receive a treasure chest and up to 4 buffs by destroying the buff towers. Only then will you be teleported on to the next challenge.

    There is also a timer counting down with every challenge. As soon as this reaches 0, the enemy will receive a strengthening buff.

    1st Boss Challenge: Sherippa, Vintros and Koyna

    These three kumas are summoned at intervals of one minute. All three must be defeated to continue.

    2nd Boss Challenge: Sturdy Basilisk

    Further basilisks are summoned. The challenge ends with the death of the Sturdy Basilisk.

    3rd Boss Challenge: Bloodstone Teralith

    The teralith is invincible at the start. The summoned minions must be defeated first before the teralith can be attacked and defeated.

    4th Loot Challenge: Race against Time

    Your group's players will be surrounded by damaging areas. These areas need to be used to defeat summoned spirits.


    5th Boss Challenge: Akasha

    During the battle regular monsters and minions will be summoned which attack or poison you. In addition, one player will be randomly blinded, causing their monitor to gradually darken. To help the blinded player see normally again, a teammate must activate the Mirror of Light in the room.

    6th Boss Challenge: Sturdy Arzakaar

    Before the battle against Arzakaar, multiple waves of regular opponents will be summoned such as archers, priests, sorcerers, lancers and other classes. Similar to the battle against the basilisk, additional Arzakaars will be summoned in this confrontation.

    7th Boss Challenge: Halvaroggh, Crimson Halvaroggh and Azure Halvaroggh

    The three argons are summoned at intervals of one minute. All three must be defeated.

    8th Boss Challenge: Sturdy Killian and Vyjalek

    During the battle you should always keep an eye on Vyjalek, who without warning will fill the room with fire. In addition Killian will summon two copies of himself, and although these disappear after a short period, they can cause a huge amount of damage in the time they are present.


    9th Loot Challenge: Race against Time

    Various urns appear spread around the room. Destroy as many as you can as quickly as possible. The more urns you destroy, the more points and buffs you'll receive at the end. Note: Destroyed urns push players back, but don't cause any damage.

    10th Boss Challenge: Thulsa

    During the battle one player will be targeted by numerous rapidly fired bullets from different directions, each causing medium damage. There are also bullets fired randomly into the room without targeting any player in particular. These cause a relatively low amount of damage. On top of that, towers are summoned which invert a character's movements if the player comes too close, i.e. pressing the forwards key will cause your character to run backwards. Various monsters appear which leave a damaging area on the floor behind them when they are crushed by Thulsa.

    11th Boss Challenge: Argon Predator

    Before the fight against the Argon Predator, waves of enemies are summoned which must be defeated first. During the battle, the Argon Predator summons wraiths which inflict damage all around them. These cannot be killed, and gradually limit the amount of space available. Note: The Argon Predator likes to put terror into the hearts of players, causing them to run around in panic.


    12th Boss Challenge: Saravash and Suryati

    In the fight against Saravash and Suryati, all group members need to pay close attention to both themselves and the other players, as they are given circular effects which affect nearby players. You should separate yourself from the group as soon as you see the circle. Possible effects:

    • Power reduction
    • Silence (player cannot use skills)
    • Panic (player runs around uncontrollably)
    • Movement speed reduction
    • Death

    And that's not all: Suryati cannot be attacked, and occasionally fires a sphere into the room causing huge amounts of damage if it hits you.

    13th Boss Challenge: Skulregnath

    During this fight a Ghostly Obelisk is summoned which makes your group invincible for 25 seconds if it is destroyed. But you should use this buff wisely – when Skulregnath casts a power and attack speed buff on himself, his movements will be accelerated for 20 seconds and his attacks become virtually unsurvivable.

    14th Loot Challenge: Race against Time

    Five tanks are summoned (one each per group member) and need to be used to defeat as many clowns as possible before the time runs out.


    15th Boss Challenge: Kelsaik

    Here's Kelsaik as we know and love him! With swipes from his front paws he initiates an ice or fire effect which lasts for 2 minutes and must be changed before it expires. Towards the end, Kelsaik dishes out harmful effects such as a 50% reduction to healing or a 50% reduction to damage inflicted by skills.

    16th-20th Challenge

    5-player instance for level 65

    • Entrance: Tempest Reach in Westonia
    • Extremely difficult
    • 5 challenges with the choice between loot or the next challenge
    • Entrance only with an entry ticket from Bathysmal Rise/Sky Cruiser Endeavor/Dreadspire
    • When all group members are dead, the challenge is lost


    Unlike in the first 15, after killing the bosses in challenges 16 to 19 you'll have the choice of whether to progress to the next challenge or rather open a treasure chest and end the instance at that point. That's the question you need to answer: do you think you have what it takes to defeat the next challenge for even better loot, or are you satisfied with taking what you've already earned?

    Just to give you a little practice at quaking in your boots, here's a preview we've prepared for you of the toughest bosses in all Arborea:

    16th Challenge: Hrathgol

    Aside from his usual powerful and swift attacks, Hrathgol will summon flying Argons. These will hone in on the players, then remain stationary whilst firing an energy beam at the ground. Best not be caught daydreaming when this happens!

    17th Challenge: Melkatran

    Melkatran has similar attacks to the version you've already seen: parasites you need to shake off by jumping, stunning attacks, or monsters which, once summoned, you either need to kill or leave to reach the boss according to their color.

    The difficulty is a notch higher than in Manaya's Core, since the monsters become invisible on their way to Melkatran, meaning that you can't see their color, or the parasites aren't visible on your screen.

    18th Challenge: Lokmar Sorgalur

    Overseers patrol the outskirts of the room in the fight against Lokmar Sorgular. If you get too close to them, they summon deadly spheres which follow a player and try to inflict extremely high damage.

    In the meantime Volsurus arrives as an overseer, and if he discovers a player, he summons an Argon Priest, who causes high damage in a large radius.

    19th Challenge: Meldita

    Here you'll find the former sovereign of the Argon Corpus – Meldita! Many of her attacks will be known to the veterans amongst you: she dishes our icy attacks in front, beneath and around her, lashes out with dicey sweeping blows of her fins, fires a high-energy laser through the room, and – what else? – summons a metric ton of minions!

    What's the catch? Everything is in fast forward mode! Meldita spins around a great deal faster with her laser, and her minions fire off bullets in quick succession. The summoned Baritzal Servitors play an almost decorative role in comparison.

    20th Challenge: Shandra Manaya

    Faster, meaner, deadlier – that's the motto of this final challenge. In addition to her regular attacks, which are swifter and cause more damage, the Argon queen uses additional debuff effects which for example remove 50% of maximum health per second for 5 seconds, as well as reducing movement speed by 50% and impairing vision.

    We hope you have lots of fun in this instance, and we're looking forward to seeing which group on which server will be the first to defeat Shandra Manaya!

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